STS - Smart Touch Systems

STS Smart Touch Systems is the name for best home automation services. We merge technology with personal care. We are a team of rockstar developers and our hardware partners are the best well known brands. We provide perfect customised home automation solutions for your home/workplace. You can manage your home from anywhere in the world with our STS-Control app. Its all in one solution that takes care of your lighting, appliance control, security and surveillance needs.

Smart Home

STS enables to do-it-yourself to easily install and create your own smart home. With STS- Control app, you can conserve energy and keep track of devices running in your home. You can control different appliances, even when you are away from home. You can set times and schedules to control devices with ease. You can manage your numerous multimedia appliances. You can also manage your home manually, automatically and with voice control. You can turn on the heating or cooling systems prior to reaching home.

Smart Security

With integrated GSM based security alarm systems your home will stay protected. You can arm or disarm system directly from STS-Control app. Its a self monitoring alarm system. It contains door sensors, window sensors and motion sensors. It instantly alerts designated phones with sms and automatic voice call, in case of intrusion and generate alarm. You are not required to sign any contract or give any monthly fee and you are in-charge of your home security anywhere in the world.

Smart Surveillance

With STS-Control protect your home and family 24/7 with 24/7 live video stream to your phone , anywhere in the world. With high end IP cameras armed with our proprietary AI based algorithms you can feel secure. It is equipped with machine learning and computer vision to recognize various objects in camera feed. It can extract faces from camera feed using computer vision and save them. On detecting unfriendly persons or objects it can inform automation hub to close and lock doors and gates and modify lighting.

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We offer a very affordable solution for everyone. Our target market is small to medium sized home or apartment owners. Get all features of expensive smart home solutions at a very affordable cost.

Ultimate comfort

Wake up and outdoor lights are off and blinds are up. Go out with peace of mind with an intelligent security and surveillance system taking care of your home. No worries at night, outdoor lights will automatically turn on.

Total connectivity

All devices talk to each other. The camera arms security system after watching an intruder. Security systems alerts cameras to follow the intruder. Cameras inform to turn on lights when needed. Camera watches a guest and door bell rings.


Smart Touch Systems Smart Home has multiple security layers: door sensors, window sensors & motion sensors defend against break-ins, water sensors, gas leakage detectors & smoke detectors provide peace of mind.

Intelligent Surveillance

Ordinary IP cameras become intelligent with Smart Touch Systems smart surveillance system. The surveillance can talk to security system, door locks, lights and blinds in order to keep you protected and safe.

Smart devices

It supports broad range of cameras, security system, motion & vibration sensors, smoke, natural gas, water leakage detectors , automation hubs light switches, fan dimmers, door bells, curtain controllers, key finders and the list is always expanding

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