VionLive - AI-Assisted Live Streaming Camera for Sports

VionLive facilitates to make professional live sports broadcast possible on OTT platforms with no or minimum training of the users due to machine learning and artificial intelligence for scene detection and object tracking. It can transmit encrypted stream with RTMPS and thus ensure data security. It can be used by mobile journalists and they can do live coverage of sports events on a secure network. As 5G compatible iPhones are recently launched it will be soon be possible to make small sports events live for hobbyists and mobile journalists from anywhere. It offers all advantages of latest technologies to make quality live sports possible.

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No need to buy expensive broadcast cameras or get services from broadcast companies and hire expesnive camera crew. All you need is to download the app subscribe it for the event and make a professional live with minimum human interaction at fraction of cost.


No worries if you are not a professional camera man. Our AI-assisted ball tracking and player tracking will help you to capture best shots in the game. AI-assisted highlight extraction will take clips of all highlights without human interaction. Just setup your phone and enjoy the sports.

Professional Camera

VionLive has a professional camera with advanced features like exposure control, manual focus control, zoom feature, zebra lines, waveform monitor etc. It offers several professional templates of score boards that can be directly embedded in the live stream and with controls provided to enter scores.